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Research Support

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eResearch at QUT

eResearch promises to drive next generation research by leveraging ICT to support the whole research process through data collection, analysis, and visualisation; researcher collaboration and research publication.

Collaborative Technologies

Collaborative technologies can greatly enhance communication with collaboration partners.

Research Data Management

Research data management can improve research efficiency, protect against data loss, facilitate more effective transfer of research data to collaborative partners and ensure research data remains secure.

Scholarly Publishing

Scholarly publishing provides some tips on things to consider when choosing where to publish. A guide to scholarly publishing provides information about how to gain the best citation count and dissemination for research papers.

Computation & Scientific Visualisation Support

Computation, optimisation, parallelisation and programming support provided by High Performance Computing can improve efficiency and effectiveness of data processing and generation.  The Scientific Visualisation Support group provides specialist support services for scientific data visualisation. This includes the production of computer generated data visualisations, high quality graphics output, and the production of high quality scientific animations.

Data Collection, Modelling and Analysis

Support for data collection, modelling and analysis is available to research students and staff, as are a range of QUT supported statistical and qualitative data analysis tools.

Research Skills Workshops & Resources

Training and resources are available for staff interested in developing research skills.


QUT Research Home

More research support services and information about research at QUT is available at the QUT Research home site.